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Start: Sign up on our website, customize your settings, connect your Discord account, top up your balance


Meet our friendly bot in Discord: he’s going to help you book sessions and find PROs to play with 🙂


Pick your PRO: You’ll get responses from our PROs via chat and will be able to view their ranking and bio 4 Enjoy: Our PROs will accompany and communicate with you in-


Enjoy: Our PROs will accompany and communicate with you in-game like a best pal, sharing the best loot with you, watching your back, and providing feedback on your gameplay 🙂

Apex Legends: Become a Better AL Player with Us!

Don’t you feel like trying to learn how to play Apex Legends on your own gets a bit tiring and frustrating? This is the situation that many Apex Legends players have to deal with. But no need to worry anymore about not being able to find a team or to get a higher Apex rank: Apex coaching is the right solution for you. Hiring an Apex coach is not only going to be a valuable experience for you in terms of knowledge and skills. A professional player who will be working with you will make sure that your gaming style and tactics change for good. No more old strategies and unreliable teammates! With Apex Legends help, getting more and more wins in every match is going to become a stress-free deed. Of course, improving your Apex Legends rating is going to take some time and effort. But with our coaching service and team finder, you will not only speed the whole process but will also become a much better player. It’s worth a try, don’t you agree?

Apex Coaching: Find the Best Coach and the Ideal Team with Legionfarm!

Are you looking for a coach? Or, maybe, you would like to finally find the right Apex Legends LFG service? All of it is available on our website. We understand that it’s important to find a team you can rely on, so every order placed with us is approached with all possible seriousness and responsibility. You won’t even notice how fast the time will pass by: after a few days of making an order, you will already be playing with your new team and enjoying the rewards you all will be getting! Our AL LFG service has worked with hundreds of players, and we are ready to help you out as well. If you have any questions regarding our work, coaches, or the Apex Legends Team Finder, feel free to contact us at any time, and we will provide you with all the needed information. Here at legionfarm.com, the dreams of finding the perfect team will finally come true!